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Game DescriptionSoul Saver : Idle RPG

Sweep the bad Monsters! Mobile Version of Soul Saver Online!

■ Soul Saver in Mobile

-Funny and Charming ‘Soul Saver’ in Mobile! Soul Saver : Idle RPG!

-Cute characters on the background from the original game!

-Greet all the Heroes of Soul Saver through your mobile phone!

■ Constant growing through out both online and offline

-Full Auto Fight

-Either you play the game, or turn off the game

-your Heroes grow endlessly!

■ ‘Easy to play’ that you can make with one hand

-Single hand is enough to play

-every content of the game

-Enjoy playing the game easily with one hand

■ ‘Seal’ that enhance the Heroes with the Soul of the Monsters.

-Don’t be depressed when you fail!

-Use the Souls of the Monsters you defeated to Seal!

-It will make your Heroes stronger!

■ ‘Talisman’ helps build your own strategy

-Unique strategy with 28 Talismans

-Stronger Heroes, Weaker Enemies, Faster Game Play,

-Build your own combination of the Talismans with various effects.

■ Organize ‘Guild’ with your friends!

-Enjoy playing Ghost Soul Saver with your friends through Guild!

-You can upgrade the various Guild Skills by growing the Guild!

-Enhance the Heroes with 24 various Guild Skills!

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