Game Clash of Clans v11.651.10 Modded


Supercell Studio's debut work – the game Clash of Clans, which literally translates as "Clash of Clans", instantly captured the Play Market, rising to the tops of strategic games in a short time and collecting over 10,000,000 downloads worldwide. The game Clash of Clans for Android can be attributed to the ancestor of such strategic games, with which, as is usually the case, other developers have begun to make numerous clones.

Clash of Clans contains two main points. The first is the development and arrangement of your own base and the erection of fortifications that will protect you from the invasion of enemies. And the second is the military development of your camp, hiring units to attack and capture enemy resources.

Clash of Clans for Android is completely free, but contains Donat. In other words, for real money you can get game values for real money.

Completely free strategy; Online battle with players around the world; Integration with other players in alliances; 14 unique units with multiple levels of updates; A wide range of buildings to protect: cannons, towers, mortars, bombs, traps and walls;

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