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Trợ Giúp China Wheel Stopper Factory

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    Recycled Yellow Car Parking Rubber Wheel Stoppers For Traffic Safety
    Why the traffic safety store carries a wide range of recycled rubber parking wheel stoppers ? Car parking wheel stoppers help ensure vehicles stay at the proper location when parking-- preventing damage to buildings , sidewalks , curbs and delicate landscape .
    Recycled Yellow rubber wheel stoppers
    1 . Description
    Specifications :
    Material100% recycled rubber
    Weight12 kg
    ColorYellow & black
    MOQ10 PCS
    2. Features
    Environmentally friendly - 100% recycled rubber
    Applicable for all size vehicles
    Light weight for easily install
    Prevent the cars from bumping the wall or other parking bays
    Flow the vehicle speed and reduce the accident occur .
    1) More pliable : prevents breakage and vehicle damage .
    2) Maximum lifespan : with stands impact and weather .
    3) No Maintenance :molded-in dye ,won’t fade or stain .
    4) Flexible slightly to accommodate unfinished surfaces.
    4.How to install
    Position wheel stopper according to the stopper size
    Chalk- mark desired position and roll wheel stopper onto its back .
    Spread epoxy around all ground bearing edges and bridges of wheel stoppers .
    Place into position and wriggle slightly to embed intoo both surfaces
    Leave undisturbed for 24 hours before subjecting to normal use .
    Q1 : If I place an order with you , how can I pay ?
    We accept the paypal , T/T , e-checking,credit card , western union , etc .
    Q2: what are the parking stoppers used for ?
    Parking stoppers help establish multiple parking slots in a designated area , they can be used to : Seal bike lanes/protect grass and trees /redirect the downhill rainwater .
    Q3: what hardware will I need for my installation ?
    Galvanized steel spikes /lag bolts and anchors /wedge bolts , etc .
    6.About us
    Since its establishment , Shenzhen Dazhan Technology Industry Co., ltd has been developing ,producing,and selling transportation facilities with deep product development , marketing capability and mature supply system .
    The company is committed to road facilities and traffic safety facilities , property management ,parking lot ,LED signal lights,solar traffic electronic products and series of traffic construction equipment products . We honor to provide best products and most satisfactory service for our each customer!! thanks for your support. !!
    7.Contact us
    Emily Zhang
    Email : [email protected]
    Whatsapp / skype : +8613430329917
    Tel: + 86 13430329917China Wheel Stopper factory
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