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Trợ Giúp Industrial Winch Manufacturers

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    Characteristic of Diesel Engine Power Industrial Winch
    1.Speedy and efficient
    2.Safe and reliable
    3.Compact structure
    4. Large towing capacity
    5.extensively applied to an under construction set of electric power, post and tele wire
    ways to tower group sets up the pole.
    6.apply to use in the wild non-transformer station, it will be convenient and agility.

    Installation Requirement of Diesel Engine Power Industrial Winch
    1. Set up an operating shed and ensure that the operator can see the commander and objects that are being dragged or lifted. Buildings, scaffolding, and stacking of materials and components on the site during construction shall not affect the driver's monitoring of the entire process within the operating range. The operating shed is located in the hazardous work area and the top shall meet the requirements of the protective shelter.
    2. Strong foundation. The hoisting machine should be kept away from dangerous working areas as far as possible, and choose a place with a high topography and a strong earthy place. The steel wire ropes used to bury the ground anchors should be securely locked with the hoisting frame and the piles should be piled in front to prevent the movement and tipping of the winch.
    3. Reel direction. The center of the reel and the guide pulley is aligned. The distance from the reel to the first guide pulley is as follows: The reeled reel should be more than 15 times the width of the reel, and the slotless reel should be more than 20 times to prevent the reel. The ropes are misaligned with each other during operation of the drum, and the guide wheel flanges and the wire rope are worn.

    Package of Diesel Engine Power Industrial Winch
    Industrial Winch manufacturers
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